Cinderelleper: A Fairytale Satire

CinderelleperCinderella never had it so bad. In this darkly comedic retelling of the classic fairy tale, her woes become worse when she discovers she has leprosy. Being chosen as the prince’s bride seems more unlikely than ever, but in a world where everything is turned upside-down, Cinderelleper, as she’s now called, just might have a chance at a happy ending after all.

Cinderelleper is a scathing satire that mockingly combines elements of the sentimental 1950 Walt Disney animated film with the gruesomeness of the Grimm Brothers original tale. Outlandish plot twists take the story beyond parody and into a realm that is both dark and magically absurd.

Published by Brazen Snake Books

Beers In Heaven (A Modern Afterlife Novel)

This tome of insanity theological exploration takes you for a visit to the modern-day Heaven by following the spirit of Twenty-year-old Zack Preston from the moment of his death. You’ll learn why God made Heaven, what an afterlife is supposed to accomplish, and what people do with an unfathomable amount of time on their hands.

You’ll also see how crazy things can get when the foibles of human consciousness are combined with divine power.

Alien Invasion Of The Zombie Apocalypse

Ford’s debut release, which formed as an offshoot/spinoff of Beers in Heaven, mashes up the genres of Science Fiction, Dystopian (zombies), and Vampire Romance (yuck) in a wild satire. A Top-Ten Amazon Bestseller in the Satire category!

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